At Genesis Landscape Services, we specialize in creating beautiful hardscapes to enhance the natural landscape elements you’ve worked so hard to grow. We provide a wide range of services as detailed below.

Patios and Walkways enhance the beauty and practicality of your home, as well as add value to your property. Paver patios and walkways are strong and versatile, and designed with your needs and vision in mind. We use the finest quality stone in various colors, blends, and patterns to complete your hardscaping design. We can build your dream design or help you decide how to hardscape and landscape your home!

Retaining Walls, Pillars, and Steps: Retaining walls can help to achieve a flat surface in your yard, providing a place for a garden or child’s playground area. Walls can also be constructed as a decorative feature for a patio, to achieve separate outdoor living spaces, or to create borders and property lines. Pillars and steps can compliment an existing raised or ground-level patio, and add artistic flair to the overall design. Customers may even choose to have pillars built at the end of an existing driveway to bring attention to a home.

Driveways the entrance to your home with a paved driveway and enjoy a stronger and more decorative surface. Pavers are more durable and aesthetically pleasing compared to asphalt or concrete, and they are also maintenance-free.

Outdoor Cooking and Entertainment: Tired of being stuck inside with friends and family for meals? A backyard patio complete with a built-in grill will help serve your entertainment needs during the warm spring, summer, and fall months! We can build your grill or other cooking appliances (such as a wood-fired pizza oven) into your patio design! Fire-pits can also be added to the design of your patio.

Low-voltage lighting can be built into your patio design to enhance and highlight the beauty of your hardscaping project. Lights can be placed on patios or pillars and along retaining walls, walkways & driveways to “spotlight” these areas and also illuminate them for safety reasons.